Upgrade & Patching

Are you stuck on Oracle 10g extended support? Or worse… stuck on 9i or 10g without extended support? or need quick bug patching or scn patching or looking to upgrade to 11g or 12c with no or minimal downtime and cost-effectively than you might believe. Our team will do the job for you.

  • Map out a time-efficient upgrade strategy from any version of Oracle, all the way back to version 7.
  • Create, test, and execute an upgrade plan that minimizes downtime.
  • Smoothly implement new features, and seamlessly deprecate obsolete features.
  • Perform a simultaneous platform migration (e.g. Solaris or Windows to Linux) with zero or minimal additional downtime.

Exadata Support

Our DBA are expert with Exadata technology and support

  • Sizing and planning an Exadata implementation
  • Implementing and integrating Exadata into your existing environment.
  • Migrating databases to Exadata.
  • Exadata performance tuning.
  • Integrating Grid Control with Exadata.

Database Performance Tuning

Performance Analysis is the comprehensive reference guide to the health of a database. Though a database may be operational and performing adequately, there are often ways to improve this performance by evaluating the following database factors:

  • CPU Utilization (OS & Database)
  • Memory Utilization (OS & Database)
  • Paging Frequency
  • Backups
  • File System Space Utilization
  • File System I/O Utilization
  • Object Space Utilization
  • Object Fragmentation
  • Error Log Activity
  • SQL Tuning

Real Applicaiton cluster (RAC)

Our DBA’s are experienced with Oracle RAC including old one (parallel server) on almost all platforms.

  • RAC performance tuning.
  • 7×24×365 RAC monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Configuration and architecture.
  • Node crashing and node ejection.
  • Node add and removal.
  • Data Guard and DR in a RAC environment.
  • Troubleshooting clustering issues.
  • Analyzing performance and suggesting if RAC is really needed, We experienced on few client and they were running on RAC when it was not actually needed, Our client are happier and saving cost now with our suggestion and workaround.